Круглогодичные курсы английского языка в школах Embassy CES

Отзывы участников


Рассказывает Екатерина Курепина о курсах в Лондоне:


“Ok.. here we go :) 

I like the city and the school very much.. Studding here is a lot better than it was in USA.. ‘cause here is a lot of people from different countries(Russia is the one of most popular :).. it make life here more interesting.

I already have some good friends from Turkey and Korea.. I decided that I will not meet a lot of Russian people because I need to improve my English.


I live with Chinese girl.. She is funny, she is 18,but when I talk to her, I think she is 16 or something. By the way, a lot people do not believe me that I am under 18! 

There are a lot of people of different age, for example I have a girl in my class she is 31, another is 27, and another is only 17.


I'll write u some more information later, because now I need to go, my friends are waiting for me.. It's time for a lunch!”

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