О программе Год в средней школе

Гузелия Халиулина  рассказывает о своем опыте учебы в средней школе в США:

“Hi. My name’s Guzeliya, and I’m 17 years old from Moscow, Russia. I was having an experience as an exchange student in the U.S.A. last academic year with CCI help!

I lived in Georgetown, Indiana. It’s a pretty, quiet place with nice people and beautiful nature. I was lucky enough to have Stones family as my hosts! Kelli (a great host mom), Abbey (a wonderful host sister) and Connor bug (cute little doggie) were so nice and sweet to me. I enjoyed having conversations with them, going to the Kelli’s parents’ house and I loved when the kids were staying with us, watching the movies on the couch, traveling all around the places and I can go on and on with this but the thing is that I really enjoyed spending time with my host family and just having fun!


I was a sophomore at North Harrison High School. I was greeted very well by teachers and students, and I felt very comfortable at this school because people there are so nice, and they were ready to help me any moment. Also I really enjoyed being at the tennis team and at the Art Guide. I wasn’t the only student from another country; I also have met the students from Taiwan, South Korea, Brazil and Japan. I went to the prom by the way with Luke (one from Taiwan) J It was very funny night, just like from the movies. I really liked all the entertaining things that we have had at North Harrison High, especially a Wisdom project. And of course I’ve made a lot of friends whom I miss so much!

America has cool holidays and traditions, and it’s was nice to get know them and be a part of it. Of course it was kind of different from my home country but it wasn’t any worse only better! I had wonderful moments with amazing people there. And I had a great experience which gave me a lot. It’s great that today we have such an awesome opportunity of the exchange programs that give us a chance to get  to know about different countries from your own view.”

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